The story is about a family whose increasing value of coins, inheritance and inheritance has become the most important concern of their lives and they have lost their intimacy and respect for each other. On the other hand, “Acting Class” tells the story of a triangular love in which one side of the triangle is a boy in love but Bipol and the other side is a rich man who both want to achieve their mutual love. Acting Class is another of Mr. Davoodnejad’s special films. He started directing in 1975 with the production of Nazanin, and during these years he was able to find his own cinematic language and behave in the same way. Most of Davoodnejad’s films have not been successful at the box office. This 116 min movie is no exception to this rule. Alireza Davoudnejad was born in 1958 in Tehran. He was a screenwriter before becoming a director, and has written sixteen screenplays for other films. One of the most important screenplays he has made is: Plunder / Iraj Ghaderi (1363), Bride / Behrouz Afkhami (1369), Parrot / Iraj Ghaderi (1377). Davoodnejad has made 18 films so far, most of which he wrote on his own. His best and most acclaimed work so far has been the film Niaz (1991); According to the script of Ali Akbar, Judge of the System

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