A young girl named Roh Angiz (Taraneh Alidosti), who is getting ready for marriage, enters a house on Wednesday to work. Mozhdeh (Hedyeh Tehrani), Ms. Khaneh, is suspicious of her husband (Hamid Farkhonejad) and the woman next door (Pantea Bahram) and the family life is on the verge of extinction. Wednesday is not about crowds, shootings, street incidents, but about people. It is that in their home and life on Wednesday, the surrealist is crowded and confused, setting fire to words that sound like crackers and hatreds that explode. Syrian Wednesday is about human beings and their loneliness, and about a lie that has easily filled the entire lives of human beings today. In this film, everyone lies to each other, Morteza to Mojdeh, Mojdeh to the worker girl, the worker girl to Simin, Simin to the landlord, and of course the worker girl to everyone, but the main axis of hiding Morteza’s betrayal to Mojdeh and the insane suspicion of Mojdeh.

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