In the synopsis of the movie A few cubic meters of love, Abdul Salam, an Afghan immigrant, works and lives in a workshop with his daughter Maruna. A love is on the way Saber’s love for Maruna, after a while Maruna intends to leave Iran, Saber finally discusses the matter with Abdolsalam and is met with strong opposition at the end when Saber and Marona are in the old container forever. To find a solution, they suddenly realize that the container is being pressed. A film that could have joined the field of masochistic and festival films by raising sensitive issues, with the theme of inflamed social themes reminiscent of Makhmalbaf and Ghobadi subjects, with the same usual bitter and biting signs of their works. But with the benevolent and compassionate look of its creators, it rescues the social theme from the exotic trap and narrates the social issue in the background of humanity and its unique love story.

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