Big Little Man: The story of the film goes back to the beginning of the Iraq war and the invasion of Khorramshahr. This teenager has shown a lot of courage just to defend water, soil and honor. He, who initially falls into the hands of the Iraqi forces, is beaten a lot; However, he gained the trust of the Iraqis and in this way delivered the food, ammunition and orientation of the enemy to the Iranian forces. This film narrates the biography of Martyr Behnam Mohammadi and shows the scenes of the 32-day war in Khorramshahr. About Martyr Behnam Mohammadi: This young martyr was born in Masjed-e-Soleiman city and drank martyrdom syrup on October 19, 1980 in Khorramshahr in a clash with Ba’athist aggressors. He has been named as the first young martyr of the Holy Defense. When Martyr Behnam Mohammadi fought against the Iraqis at the age of 13 to defend his land, the Iraqis captured him and tortured and beat him.

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