The Scent of Men’s Fragrance: The film tells the story of a girl and a boy who get married after years of separation with the help of their family. The family is longing to have a grandchild, and the bride of the family has an abortion on the eve of childbirth during her unborn child, and then problems arise for the young couple. Yousef Sayadi plays a completely different role in this film, he plays the role of a grandfather. Family. Alireza Jalali Tabar also plays the role of a man in love and a failure. This discrepancy in the character has caused Jalali Tabar to have many ups and downs in his role. According to director Neda Ghaffari, Jalali Tabar has shown an acceptable acting in this film. The agents of this project are: Producers: Ghodratollah Bayrvand and Seyed Ruhollah Hosseini Largani, Screenwriter: Shirin Parvaresh, Rewrite: Neda Ghaffari, Director of Photography: Mehdi Samavati, Makeup Designer: Babak Shoaei, Sound Recordist: Atta Bayat, Stage Secretary:

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