Kissing the Moon movie: This movie is the story of Ehteram, Sadat and Forough Khanum, who live in the same neighborhood and have been waiting for their children for more than twenty years. Ehteram Sadat (Shirin Yazdanbakhsh) and Forough (Rabia Madani) are two elderly mothers who have been waiting for their children to return from the battlefield for years, and now, in the grief of their son’s absence, they have become very close friends. They go to the Martyrs ‘Headquarters every week to get news about their children, but they are always told that there is no news about their children, until one day when Ehteram al-Sadat goes to the Martyrs’ Headquarters alone, he is told that his son’s body Found and will be buried soon. … But Ehteram al-Sadat, due to the observance of Forough, who has been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors have also said that he will not be alive for a long time, asks the head of the headquarters (Saber Abar) to tell Forough…

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