Beht Athena (Mahtab Keramati) and Farid (Alireza Aghajani) are a prosperous couple who can not have children. For this reason, they want a couple to give birth to a child for them through a rented womb, but را Abbas Rafie, who was born in 1341 in Shiraz and has been one of the most active filmmakers and producers in Iranian cinema in the last two decades. In Rafie’s work, works such as “Fariba’s Forgetfulness Season”, “Alchemy and Soil” can be seen. “Boht” begins with the introduction of Athena (played by Mahtab Keramati) and her husband Farid (played by Alireza Agakhani). An affluent and middle-aged couple who have a love life but are deprived of the blessing of having children. After this brief introduction, “Baht” quickly enters its main story. Reza (played by Mohammad Reza Rahbari) goes to Farid, who is a university professor, and fights with him because he believes that his wife, Leila (played by Rana Azadivar), is pregnant with Farid. The matter is referred to the judiciary, but with Athena’s mediation, it becomes clear that Leila’s pregnancy through artificial insemination was an issue between Athena and Leila and that their wives were not supposed to be informed about it…. The positives of the film? If you are interested in the subject of surrogacy and artificial insemination, watching “Beht” may be tolerable.

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