Block 9 Exit 2: Block 9 Output 2 After the death of a grandmother, a couple who have been separated for several years, travel for the recovery and mental health of their daughter. It engages the audience, and this ability to influence the audience is one of its respectable merits. The film is based on one of the most important problems of society, namely, “Divorce and its consequences on the lives of children of divorce.” In his new work, Amini pays less attention to the margins, removes additions and additions from the script, and narrates his story sufficiently and adequately with the appropriate rhythm. “Block 9, Exit 2” is a deeply psychoanalytic film about the vulnerability of divorced children. A good filmmaker tells a story and rightly places a believable bitterness in the nature of his work. Needless to say, addressing such a sensitive issue is somehow moving on the razor’s edge; A move that pushes the work down to the point of crash if it goes wrong

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