Bita movie: Bita: Bita movie is in love with her sick father, and her mother is indifferent to her and her husband. Sima, Bita’s sister, proposes to him and Bita drives him away. Bita is interested in Cyrus, a young journalist, who also does not tolerate Bita’s unusual behavior. Bita inadvertently disrupts Cyrus’ party, and Cyrus does not answer his phone to get rid of Bita. Bita forces his father Cyrus to show interest in him with his rusty pistol. Bita’s father dies and Cyrus goes abroad. Under pressure from her family, Bita agrees to an unwanted marriage, but ignores her husband. One day he hears the voice of Cyrus returning from the radio and immediately goes to the office of the Information Newspaper, but Cyrus urges him to think about his home and life. At night, he summoned Bita to the police station and released him at dawn.

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