Basho The Little Stranger: In one of the bombings in southern Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, a boy named Basho, who has witnessed the destruction of his home and family, throws himself behind a truck and falls asleep in it, and when he opens his eyes The truck has reached the north of Iran. She flees for fear of explosions for road construction operations, and on the other side of the grove she finds the paddy field of a woman named “Nai” who lives and works with her two children in the absence of her husband. Nai gives Basho bread and water and tries to know who he is and to understand his language. But the boy’s language is incomprehensible to him; As well as Basho can not understand his local language… Awards Nominated for Best Poster at the 8th Fajr Film Festival 1989 Winner of Best Film at the International Film Festival of Art and Experience Oberouille France 1990 Special Jury Prize Adana Film Festival Turkey 1991 Winner of the Diploma of Honor of Belgian Professional Critics For being selected as one of the top five films of 1992, Special Prize of Parvin Etesami Film Festival, 1991

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