Snow Movie: The story of a day in the life of a family who, despite financial problems, are involved in holding a dignified courtship ceremony for their daughter. Their villa is mortgaged by the bank, and the father is trying to solve his eldest son’s financial problems. While the volume of the script and the timing of the film required that the payment of the characters in the medium be shot, the screenwriter’s over-emphasis on the plots of each of these characters, without the plots becoming They become stories or sub-stories and a thematic unity is established between them and they serve each other. Perhaps the main and, of course, the first problem that “Snow” is trapped in lies in the lack of the main story. Certainly what is seen in the script in the form of “the need to hold a dignified courtship of the daughter of the family in spite of the many problems ahead” and ironically (read unfortunately) also includes the whole work, ultimately confirms the presence of storyline and plot, not the main story. …

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