Barf Roie Shirvani Dagh

201090 min

Snow on the Roof: The film is about a famous person whose death leaves a mysterious mark on him that raises questions in the minds of those close to him. The only way to reach the previous calm is to decipher this issue…. The story of the old man is a poet (played by Farrokh Nemati) who has written many poems for many years and has many students and followers. He dies, and after his death several of his disciples and relatives gather at his residence. Bad people (played by Anahita Nemati and Kourosh Tahami) make bad decisions to exploit or monetize the character of the master, and good people (Amir Hossein Arman and Khatereh Asadi) want his funeral to be held as he likes; Quietly. Each of them tries to define their narrations and memories of this poet. It is during the definition of these narrations and memories that the previous life of this poet is addressed with several flashbacks and the personality of the poet is introduced to the audience. Until the head of the violent nephew and master lampoon (played by Shahab Hosseini) is found. He joins the bad guys and tries to get the good ones out of the field. And then the unexpected presence of the master’s wife (played by Hengameh Ghaziani) creates a turning point and…

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