A tower is being built by rural and Afghan workers. Latif, a rural worker who is also in charge of service and nutrition for workers, learns that after an Afghan worker was injured, his son Rahmat is now working in his place. Due to Rahmat’s weak body, he is entrusted with the task of serving the workers, and Latif loses his comfortable job. This angers Latif and he seeks mercy. One day, he realizes that Rahmat is actually a girl named Baran, who is forced to work instead of her father among men, and this causes Latif to come to Baran’s aid, and in the meantime, he falls in love with her, but refuses to work for The Afghans are looking for rain in Latif, and when he sees their living conditions, he gives all his savings to his family, but then realizes that the rain and his family intend to leave Iran forever.

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