A young, emotional, talented and intelligent girl named Darya has mental problems that she is struggling with. These mental problems are due to her bad family situation, which gradually increases with every person in society. A psychologist enters his life to solve the mental problems of the sea, which changes the life of the sea and starts a whole new life. Analysis: Ferdows Garden, five in the afternoon, was supposed to be a psychological drama, but it has become more of a romantic romance. The statement of ethics presents the tendency in the last sequence and in the language of the sea (played by Laden Mostofi). However, there is no denying the ingenuity of this work, at least its obvious manifestation is in Reza Kianian playing the role of a psychoanalyst who mostly plays his role in silence. But it must be acknowledged that approaching the valley of psychological dramas without care and in the background of the social situation in Iran, may violate the director’s intentions. The Garden of Ferdows is not a complicated film in five afternoons, either in terms of form or storytelling, yet it cannot be ignored, especially in a relatively calm atmosphere, despite the relative neuroticism of the sea, to an emotional relationship. Acceptable leads by ethical standards, while representing a portion of society without paying big bucks.

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