The TV movie Bhato Meymanam: Mahtab is a young woman who is responsible for supporting her family. He accidentally meets a boy named Ali, who is a working and street child, and the filming of this film takes place in Tehran, and all the locations have been selected so far. Nafiseh Roshan, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Afshin Sangchap, Erfan Barzin, Saeed Noorollahi, Javad Zaytouni, Adib Gharib and Akram Alamdar will play roles in this film. Behnoosh Bakhtiari has recently joined this project and his final make-up test will be done soon. The film has a social theme and the synopsis of the story is as follows: A young woman, Mahtab, who is responsible for providing for the family, accidentally meets a boy named Ali, who is a working and street child, and the… main factors of the project are: producer and director; Mohammad Reza Yakani, author; Nafiseh Nouri, First Assistant Director and Planner; Shervine Didendeh, Production Manager; Mohammad Shahbazi, Procurement Manager; Alireza Mahan, Director of Photography; Keyvan Shabani, Director of Recording; Hadi Manavipour, costume designer; Shirin Etefaq, makeup designer; Parisa Kakoei, photographer; Seyed Amin Sajjadi, behind-the-scenes cinematographer; Massoud Shahri, stage secretary; Anahita Factory, Project Manager; Star Art Picture Institute (Mohammad Shahbazi),

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