Firefighter 2: A young, educated couple on a trip abroad accidentally meet their family counselor at the airport after years, and while waiting for their flight, the events of years of their lives unfold over a period of time. مشاور Their advisor was abroad, they review…. Cease Fire 2 is a product of Iran and is a family drama, and was directed by Tahmineh Milani in 2014. In the movie Ceasefire 2, actors such as Attila Pesyani, Bahram Radan, Gohar Kheirandish, Mitra Hajar, and اند have played roles. Many of the dialogues and short stories in the film are adaptations of one of Dr. Holakouee’s seminars called 50 Must and Shoulds in Marital Life, and the script was written in direct consultation with Dr. Holakouee.

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