The story of the Iranian cinematic animation “Amin and Akwan” is about two young men named Amin and Akwan who are engaged in hairdressing and dyeing jobs. But despite the fact that each of them is a skilled and full-fledged master in their profession and business, because they do not have a good job market in their city, they decide to travel and go to a land of exile so that they can earn a decent income with their profession and skills. کردن. Eventually they reach the desired city, where with the help of the ruler of the city, their profession and business thrive and achieve a good social status, but at this time Akwan is jealous of Amin, which causes the plan to E designs to quench the flame of his jealousy. If everything goes according to this plan, the ruler will be harmed and Amin will be recognized and convicted as the culprit.

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