The latest robbery: Nasser is against the petty crime of making a living by stealing a hat and seizing a car. In one of these car thefts, he opens it in a car, but sees David sitting in the car. They are shocked to see each other, but when the original owner of the car arrives, they run away together, and it becomes clear that both are wrong. Their argument for distributing money and stolen car parts goes nowhere; So they fight and David plays Nasser. Nasser faints and David, whom his friends call David, brings him home. At home, David’s sister treats Firoozeh Nasser and they fall in love. Davood and Nasser decide to sell the car. But Nasser finds the car owner’s license. Continuation of the summary (spoiler): Davood realizes that the car belongs to Mojgan; The daughter of the head of the company where David worked and loved him many years ago. But with Davood imprisoned, Mojgan also disappears. He calls Mojgan’s mobile. Mojgan asks him to take the car to her north. Davood and Nasser decide to go north and take Firoozeh with them so that no one doubts them. Nasser’s interest in turquoise makes him take his mother on a trip to meet Turquoise on the way; But Nasser’s mother builds an incompatibility with Turquoise from the beginning. These four people go north together while Jamshid follows them in all these stages. In contact with the person whose boss is calling, he gives him a moment-by-moment report from the car. They stay in a hotel but Davood and Nasser spend the night in the car. In the morning, at a moment when Nasser goes to the hotel and Davood gets out of the car to call Mojgan, Nasser and Firoozeh’s mother take the car with them for sightseeing and shopping. Nasser and Davood get involved with Jamshid, who is chasing them, thinking that the car was stolen. Nasser’s mother’s harsh treatment of Firoozeh disturbs Firoozeh’s concentration and their accident. Investigating the scene of the accident, the police found out that…

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