Mr. Yousef is a retired employee who has been cleaning the house for several years. His wife has been dead for many years and Mr. Yousef lives with his daughter Rana. Mr. Yousef’s son went to Canada. In the absence of his son, Mr. Yousef is responsible for the expenses of the bride and his grandson. Every morning, Mr. Yusef buys three Sangak breads for breakfast after waking up. He gives one of them to the woman next door, brings one home and eats with his daughter, and takes the third to the coffee shop and eats with his friends. He confesses that he is a cleaner to his daughter Rana. He comes out of the house every day with his office bag and in the coffee shop he changes his office bag with a cleaning bag. From there it goes to people’s houses. Most of his clients are from the aristocracy. Mr. Yousef trusts the families he works for. Families love him and feel intimate with him.

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