Blue Movie: A young girl named Mahtab crashes in the street with the car of a passenger named Aristotle and escapes. Aristotle (Bahram Radan) finds Mahtab’s car with the help of his friend and delivers it to Mahtab (Tehrani gift) after dismembering it. In retaliation for his work, Mahtab falsely tells Aristotle’s parents that their son has deceived him and that Aristotle’s parents marry them without delay. After the marriage, Mahtab asks for dowry and divorce, and on the other hand, because she learns that her father intends to remarry, she tries to harass Aristotle, but when she talks to her father, she regrets it and Mahtab apologizes to Aristotle and gives her marriage certificate to Aristotle. Until the divorce ceremony takes place, at which time Aristotle asks her to stay… About the director: Hamid Labkhandeh is the director of Iranian cinema and television. Hamid Labkhandeh’s most important works include directing the series Ravian Akhbar, the series In My Heart and the series In Your Shelter. In 1988, he spent a period of hard work in the field of cinema and television and has been involved in the production of important works. Hamid Labkhandeh’s most important work this year is his work as a director in the series Ravian Akhbar. Perhaps one of the most important parts of Hamid Labkhandeh’s biography has been his work in the series Ravian Akhbar. In 1988, Hamid Labkhandeh directed the series Ravian Akhbar, which was able to present itself among the people of the television space. Hamid Labkhandeh has been quoted as saying that he has expressed his satisfaction for directing the series Ravian Akhbar and his collaboration with actors and actresses. Hamid Labkhandeh was able to gain a successful professional experience by working in the series Ravian Akhbar, and working with actors such as Reza Babak, Ahmad Aghalo, Ferdows Kaviani and Behrouz Masrouri was able to change his level of work.

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