Abajan Movie: The story of this movie takes place in the sixties and the social life of the people in those years is narrated …………. It seems that the professions that have burdened Alimardani for a lifetime and have dealt with them indirectly in various ways have now become the main subject of his film, and this time he has dealt with them with a more direct approach. In Abajan, Alimardani puts aside compliments and shows people as they are. On the other hand, the family depicted in Abajan has all the characteristics of an Iranian family that the viewer can love and relate to. Supervisor of restricted and moralistic schools, careless and fun-loving dove, an old man with a disability whose youth had darkened Abajan’s life, and Abajan, a mother of all, kind and hardworking, and in short, a dreamy grandmother. The most important thing that attracts attention about Abajan is the cinematic dimensions of the work.

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