Narrating the confusion and attachments of two adolescents who reach social maturity during events. In the puberty season, actors such as Nasrin Nakisa, Majid Liaqat, Mirtaher Mazloumi, Hadi Saadati, Ali Gholami and Bahram Komijani have played roles and acted. In the film of the puberty season, about 6 actors have gone in front of the camera, which in terms of the number of actors, can be considered a puberty season with a small number of actors and a small number of fictional characters. Adolescence is the 12th activity of the average actor in this film. According to the people’s score, the film “Puberty Season” is one of the 4 outstanding works of Majid Liaqat in the acting profession. According to the people, the film “Puberty Season” is one of the four leading works of Ghanbari in the directing profession. Also, Rahbar Ghanbari, the director of the puberty season, has experienced his first collaboration with actors such as Mirtaher Mazloumi, Ali Gholami and Bahram Komijani in this work.

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