Elham (Elham Hamidi) on the eve of marrying his rich fiancé Soheil (Amir Ali Danaei), his nose is operated on because of his greatness and sensitivity towards Soheil’s mother. He enters new problems to change the photo of his identity card and in the duplicate identity card he sees the name of a person named Abdolkarim (Reza Attaran) who creates adventures for him. The film cannot be considered a comedy film and it cannot be considered a social film. Between the two can be said to be a social / humor genre. Most of the time, the humor of the film is on Ali Sadeghi, who satirizes the film, and the other actors do not humor the film at all, as if Ali Sadeghi can only play the genre of humor or comedy. This film is much weaker than Salahmand’s previous film. Although Salahmand’s previous film was also humorous, the script of Fang and Bee was much more professional than Three Degrees of Fever.

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