The story of this work should be considered as a social melodrama, so the story of “Twenty Weeks” is about a young couple traveling with an incident that overshadows the issue of their travel. The movie Twenty Weeks directed by Masoud Qaraghazloo 4 years ago Produced in 1394 in drama and family genres. Twenty weeks is Massoud Qaragzloo’s first film. In twenty weeks, actors such as Mostafa Zamani, Sahar Dolatshahi, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Setareh Pesyani, Pouria Ghasempour, Ali Zandi and Tanaz Tabatabai have played roles and acted. In the film Twenty Weeks, about 7 actors have gone in front of the camera, which in terms of the number of actors, can be considered a low-actor work with a small number of fictional characters. Twenty weeks of film is similar to different works in terms of structure (form), content and production environment. According to the various indicators, it can be said that the related works of the 20-week film are:

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