12-Seat Movie: The 12-Seat Movie is about hiding a valuable treasure in the back seat of an arrow, which is a fierce and breathtaking competition to find the arrow. . The film “12 Seats” was postponed for four years after being screened at the 31st Fajr Film Festival with the revocation of its screening license. Ismail Barari has previously directed the films “Rain Day”, “Maryam Report”, “Death Desert”, “Devil’s Dance”, “Green Hell”, “Nest” and “City in the Hands of Children”. According to Ismail Barari, the “Twelve Chairs” were produced entirely in the private sector and did not use any government funding. The movie “Twelve Chairs” is a product of 1390. Farzad Dezdmeh, an actor and singer from Khuzestan, said about the movie “2 Seats”:

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