Fans indicate when VAR caused a football death

A football fan said Raheem Sterling’s canceled goal in the final eight of the 2019 Champions League is the “ just the moment football died ”.

In April 2019, during the Champions League quarter-finals at Etihad, Manchester City thought they had picked up the victory when that man scored Sterling in the 92nd minute to make it 5-4 all.

Pep Guardiola raced down the sideline as City fans celebrated one of the most incredible moments in their history.

After recovering the 4-4 draw and then scoring, it looked like a semi-final against Ajax was on the horizon.

But in a cruel twist, the VAR ruled that Sergio Aguero misfired in preparing the “winner” to the last breath and everyone involved with the club went from highest to lowest in seconds.

Despite nearly two years since City’s removal in the most brutal of circumstances, fans are still in turmoil. In fact, Twitter user @ SerMM91 claims that they haven’t celebrated a goal since.

Seconds after Sterling found the bottom of the net, a Manchester City fan left the field shortly after believing the club had moved to the semi-finals, only to be told by an outside correspondent give.

“Why should I be disappointed? We won,” said the supporter in the interview, which later went viral.

His reaction to discovering that the VAR canceled the strike that would have been sent off for the second time in their history is still invaluable.

It really was a night where the VAR did right and all neutrals must have had fun with City fans going from elated to deflated in one case.

The scenes were simulated earlier this month when Chelsea thought they had drawn in the FA Cup final against Leicester City, only to be ruled out by Ben Chilwell.

Both teams have the chance to be shocked again by VAR on Saturday night, when they face off in the Champions League final.

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