Shabhaye Mafia 3 Show - ShabHaye Mafia 3 S5 Ghesmate 3


The game of Shab Haye Mafia 3 S5 Ghesmate 3 (مسابقه شب های مافیا ۳- فصل پنجم قسمت سوم) is a fun, engaging and family-friendly program in which the two groups, Mafia and Citizen, In Shab Haye Mafia players are divided into two categories, the majority of citizens and the minority of Mafia. Must identify each other by trial and error in order to finally get the Mafia out of the city and the citizens to win. In Mafia 3 nights, Kambiz has been present in the game as a leader or organizer for a long time and is in control of the game. There are many actors in this competition. The process of the competition is as follows: in each season, 12 actors are invited to participate in this competition, and finally, the competition begins with 2 groups of 12 men and a group of 12 women artists.