Sedato Iranian Show - 10 - Seda To Ghesmate 10


Seda To Ghesmate 10 (سریال ایرانی صداتو قسمت دهم) program produced in Iran in 1402, directed and produced by Hamed Javadzadeh, this director and documentary maker, who is also making his second appearance on the home television network. Sedato competition, which is a special program with a mysterious and musical style and context, which is directed by Mohsen Kiaei, and in this program, the participants are supposed to solve puzzles and compete with their companions, which is made up of artists and Seda Pishgan. also pay with each other. And in the meantime, Mohsen Kiaei is also in charge of directing this program, in addition to him, four people are also supposed to be present in the form of assistants in this competition.