Roozi Roozegari Merikh Iranian Serial - Final Episode - Roozi Roozegari Merikh Ghesmate 26


Series Roozi Roozegari Merikh 26 (سریال ایرانی روزی روزگاری مریخ قسمت بیست و شش) is a comedy, science fiction series starring Sam Derakhshani, Vishka Asayesh, Amir Nowrozi, Amir Kazemi, Bahadur Maliki, Amir Mehdi Joule, Noushin Tabrizi, Behrouz Dershir Fard, Peyman Fatemi, Kazem Nourbakhsh and Mehrab Qasim Khani. This Serial is directed by Peyman Qasim Khani and Mohsen Chegini, produced by Mohsen Chegini and designed and written by Peyman Qasim Khani, produced in 1401 in Iran. In the summary of the story of this series, it is stated: We are in a time when all the creatures from different planets travel to Mars. What about you?