Pooste Shir Serial - 9 - Pooste Shir Ghesmate 9


watch Pooste Shir 9 (سریال پوست شیر قسمت نهم) is a 2022 series directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi and written by Jamshid Mahmoudi and Reza Baharond and produced by Navid Mahmoudi. This Serial has a social and drama genres, as well as some police action. The actors of Poast Shir series are Shahab Hosseini, Hadi Hejazifar, Panthea Bahram, Mehrdad Sedikian, Alireza Kamali, Pardis Ahmadieh, Babak Karimi, Zhila Shahi, Anahita Afshar and Ali Osionde. Pooste Shir will come out every Wednesday night.