Pedar Khoondeh - 7 - Pedar Khandeh Season 2 Ghesmate 7


Pedar Khandeh Season 2 Part 7 (سریال پدرخوانده فصل دوم قسمت هفتم) is the second season of the series, reality show or competition of the new house show. The second season of the free and complete Godfather 2 series, which is a continuation of the previous season, is broadcast weekly with more professional and newer actors. Lireza Talischi, Ramin Rastad, Mojtabi Pourbakhsh, Amir Mehdi Jholeh, Mehrab Qasim Khani, Shakib Shajreh, Tarlan Parvaneh, Majid Vashqani, Amir Ali Naboyan, Nima Shahrokhshahi, Amir Kazemi, Hadida Bazond, Bahar Ghasemi, Hossein Mehri, Maryam Momen, Alika Abdul Razzaghi, Farzad Farrokh, Payam Ahmadinia, Najme Jodaki, Hoda Estwari and Barbod Babaei are present in this season.According to the audience, the strength of this series compared to Mafia Nights is the more complicated and exciting game process and the reduction of cheating in the game, and this caused the continuation of this beautiful series to be made for home viewing.