Nargil Series - 6 - Nargil 6


Nargil 6 (سریال نارگیل قسمت ششم) is the title of one of the newest series of the home show network, which after a long time and has filled the vacancy of the series for children and teenagers in the showcase of home series. The series Nargil has two directors, each of whom, beyond the role of a director, played a key role in the birth of Nargil. One is Seyed Ebrahim Amerian, a producer who in recent years, along with Seyed Massoud Atyabi, has made a significant contribution to the box office and released best-selling films such as Texas and Dynamite, and the other is Hamzeh Salehi. who as a screenwriter, both in the film project and in the version. The Nargil Serial has the important task of designing situations and creating characters in this fictional world