Mardome Mamooli Serial - 1 - Mardome Mamooli Part 1


Mardome Mamooli 1 (سریال کمدی مردم معمولی اول) is the new series of young Javan in the comedy-social genre which was made in 2021. Mardome Mamooli series is made for home shows and weekly broadcasts on Thursdays, each episode has 25 minutes. Story: Berdia Barazandeh, the owner of the Golden Fitness Beauty Center, has a wealth that is as endless as her stinginess. After the closure of Barbaras Travel Agency, owned by Berdia’s sister, “Barbara Grace”, Barbara persuades her brother to continue the agency’s activities until the seal jaws at the Golden Fitness Center. However, she does not always turn on one heel, and soon, with the revelation of the secret of Berdia’s wealth, the situation of a decent family will change.