Khoon Sard Serial - 3 - Khoon Sard Ghesmate 3


Khoon Sard Ghesmate 3 (سریال ایرانی خون سرد قسمت سوم) series is produced in Iran in 2022 and directed by Amir Hossein Torabi. Bahman Kamiyar is the producer of this series and Amir Aghaei, Sara Bahrami, Sara Rasoolzadeh, Sam Nouri, Shahram Hekhit Dost, Linda Kiani are the actors of this series. The Sotry is about a person who ensnares the perpetrators of women abuse cases and punishes themThe noteworthy points of the new series Cold Blood is its age classification, which is the first time a series is published on the home show network with the classification of the age group above 17 years. This Serial has been made in 2021.