Fofo Mosaferi Az Kamado - 10 - Fufu Mosaferi Az Kamado Part 10


Fufu Mosaferi Az Kamado Part 10 (سریال فوفو مسافری از کامادو قسمت دهم) is the latest production directed by Maysam Mearaji and produced by Hossein Bahmani. Each episode of this series will be published with an independent story and title. The story begins when a strange and funny creature named Fufu is stolen from his planet by the evil forces of King Mita Mita. Fufu, who is thrown from the ship while being transported to Mita Mita, falls to the ground and finds his head through the chimney of a house’s fireplace. This is the beginning of Fufu’s adventures and the strange dreams of children on the planet.