Dadzan Serial - Final Episode - Dadzan Part 10


Dadzan Part 10 (سریال دادزن قسمت دهم) is produced by Mohammad Shahbazi and directed by Siamak Khajevand, is a product of 2019 on the home show network. This collection is the first series created by Siamak Khajevand. Dodzen is the story of a young man who gets complicated in the course of his life and many people come into his life, each of whom has a story behind him. The characters of Dodzen’s story have a special closeness to us, we can easily see each of them around us, in terms of the characterization of the series, it leaves the fantasy mode and the comedy flows in the heart of an ordinary life. Its stars include Afshin Sengchap, Amir Karbalaizadeh, Behrang Alavi, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Parveen Maleki, Khatire Hatami, Reza Fayazi, Siros Sepehri, Aliram Nouraei, Alireza Khamse and Alireza Mehran.