Amsterdam Serial - 11 - Amesterdam Part 11


Amesterdam 11 (سریال آمستردام قسمت یازدهم) which was made in 1400, directed and produced by Masoud Karagzlou. This series was placed in the genre of social drama. Known actors were present in this Iranian series, such as Hengemeh Ghaziani, Shahram, Hachirat Dost, Mehdi Soltani, Mehdi Pakdel, Mina Sadati, Mojtabi Pirzadeh. In the Summart of this Serial it has come that There are sailors singing in the port! The dreams that are their nightmare! In the area of Amsterdam… we are a family, a normal family, with a decent business. The story of the Amsterdam series has a romantic social theme that narrates the story of several friends who get involved in a romantic adventure and fate sets a different path for them.