Aftab Parast Serial - Ghesmate Akhar - Aftab Parast Part 15


Watch Aftab Parast Online Part 15 (سریال آفتاب پرست قسمت پانزدهم) is an Iranian comedy series directed by Barzo Niknejad and produced by Seyed Mustafa Ahmadi, written by Amir Baradaran. Pejman Jamshidi and Hamidreza Azarang can be mentioned among the actors of this series full of actors. The main role of the series is played by Javad Porsche with Pejman Jamshidi. The reason for his nickname, Porsche, is known for its power and speed among cars, Javad is also known for his power and speed in theft, which is considered level one in his work. He, who has just been released from prison at the beginning of the series, decides not to continue with his previous work, when he suddenly faces an offer to do something bigger than theft.